Serena Williams receives backlash for getting engaged to reddit co-founder


Serena Williams is engaged to 33-year-old Alexis Ohanian, guy who co-founded Reddit. She is right now being blasted by some black people who are very upset she dumped black men for a white partner.

Serena had taken to Reddit Thursday morning to break her engagement news to the whole world in the form of a poem that she’ll soon be Alexis Ohanian’s wife.

The tennis star detailed her story in a Reddit post, saying Alexis popped the question with a surprise trip to Rome where they apparently first met. She said he took her to the exact same table where they first talked and got on one knee to propose.

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Instead of being happy for her, see the shocking hate comments Serena Williams has received because of her engagement to husband to-be Alexis Ohanian.

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