The five mysteries that have rocked the Entertainment Industry

Read below the five mysteries that rocked the Nigerian Entertainment Industry in 2016, Hmmm….




Stella Dimoko Korkus


Ay Makun

June 2016 marked the beginning of a tumultuous relationship between Germany based blogger, Stella Dimoko Korkus and Comedy act, AY Makun.

The blogger had reported that Mabel Makun,the wife of AY had enlisted the services of a moving company to clear out her belongings in their matrimonial home. Stella, in her post had said the details of what went down was so sordid and scandalous. An irate AY fired back and called her a “liar liar” and “human trafficker”.

What fans and aprokos alike were interested in was,what really happened?

Some insiders swore that Mabel had walked in on her husband AY,giving another man,the “headies” and taking it from “behind” . A”Judas” quickly ousted the comedian to Stella. There remains a mystery as to what really caused the friction between Stella and AY.




Tiwa Savage and Tee Billz

Tiwa Jemilah Savage was enjoying marital bliss (or so we thought) before her manager turned husband, Teebillz pulled a fast one and threatened to commit suicide in a post on IG.

This development shook friends,family,fans and foes alike who struggled to get snippets of information of what caused the bitterness between the couple. Teebillz accused Tiwa of sleeping with her Mavin Boss,DON Jazzy, crew member, Dr.Sid and oil mogul aka Sherlock Holmes, Femi Otedola.

Tiwa Savage debunked his accusations against her and accused a certain “edible catering” for causing the bad blood between her and her man. Everybody kept asking ” who is edible catering?

Some pointed fingers at busty make up artist Teniola Kasham,aka Tenny Coco, others swore “Annie Idibia “is ” Edible catering”? Can anyone please solve this mystery?





The witch-hunt for the participants of the infamous “Dasukigate” led to information that a particular famous female blogger based in Lagos was a beneficiary of the ” spoils”

Recall that in early 2015, a female blogger had asked her followers if she should accept a huge sum of money offered to her by some government officials,because the offer was so tempting, her followers gave her the go-ahead.Fast Forward to 2016, Dasuki stated a particular blogger in a Lagos was a part of the “Dasukigate”.

Coincidentally, a blogger bought half a billion naira house in a choice area of Lagos state and kept tongues wagging.

The blogger denied being a part of the devious scheme and encouraged her enemies to hustle harder if they wanted to be like her..The question is; Mr.Dasuki,which blogger did you give our money to? Maybe we will know when pigs fly…

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Like a thief in the night, cross-dresser Okunenye Idris Olanrewaju came into our lives. Make up, nails and skin on fleek, has earned the controversial man the title of “African Male Barbie doll“. If Bobrisky is the barbie, please,who is his Ken?

The pale skinned guy has over used the word ” bae”! Bae,bae,bae! Who be Bobrisky bae na??

According to some olofofos, Bobrisky’s bae is Shina Peller, CEO of Club Quilox and son of popular magician, Moshood Peller. This gist can be taken to the bank, some witnesses say..

It is said that he is responsible for Bobrisky’s lavish lifestyle and gifts, but what confuses us is that Bobrisky claimed his bae is one of the richest men in Africa..Its very obvious Bobrisky is more tight lipped that we think,who is/are Bobrisky’s bae(s).




The controversial owner of this blog launched a crusade against cheating men and women.At the mention of “Naijagistlive”, runs girls run like headless chickens, philandering husbands run for cover, mistresses,pimps delete their IG pages or put them on private,to avoid being exposed.

The sarcastic, witty and very mean blogger is one not to be messed with, he/she would hurt a soul( emotionally,financially,cyber-ly).

This blog takes the number one spot for being the most mysterious case to rock the Nigerian Entertainment.

Who or what owns Naijagistlive?

Deciphering the owner is like untying a Gordian knot! The blog always manages to rise up like a Phoenix after being taken down countless times!

Individuals that have been accused of owning the sites are; IG user Zainab then SwankyJerry the stylist then Stella Dimoko Korkus then Baudex, just recently, Indian Twin courtesans, Kiranjot and Taranjot Matharoo met their waterloo, when Nigerian court slapped them with charges as the owners of the site! Many believe that they are facing the wrath of the law because of “whoredom” and not because of controlling the site..

The question is,; Who runs Naijagistlive? It could be anyone amongst Us! The search for the owner of the site,is like searching for the Holy Grail…

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