Woman stabs husband to death at houseparty on Christmas Day

Fred Lewis III with Mara Flore Lewis

A 27 year old woman has been arrested and charged with murder after she stabbed her 26 year old husband to death at a Christmas house party, in front of a room full with other party goers.

Mara Flore Lewis is said to have attacked Fred Lewis III, at a friend’s Christmas house party in Virginia.

Trouble started after Mara accused her husband of cheating on her after seeing something on his phone..

The man is said to have made a rude comment allegedly confirming his infidelity.

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The couple argued loudly and before anyone could stop her, Mara went into the kitchen in the home, took a knife and stabbed her husband.He was rushed to hospital where he died.

Mara told police her intention was not to kill him but to injure him. She has been charged with 2nd degree murder…

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