Missing girl in Abuja found dead under a bridge.

20161130163551According to the information shared by Yusuf,Khadija, the little girl that was kidnapped by a woman in Kuja recently has been found dead.Her corpse was found last Saturday under Gwagwalada  bridge. Below is what he wrote..’

Our little baby sister, our beautiful princess, was found dead last Saturday under the Gwagwalada   bridge.

May Allah al-Wadud, ar-Rahman take His littleGreen BirdCLOSE to Him Jannah al-Firdaus.AMEEN

May He as-Sabur grant her parents and relatives SABR and strength in these hard times due the loss of their beloved one.AMEEN  May He al-Mu’mit take GOOD care of those, who areresponsible for her too early death.AMEEN

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May He al-Hafiz protect our little one’s from any harm


JazakAllah khair  to all, who prayed for her, when shshe wasewas lost after being kidnapped by a woman

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