Much Ado about Palm Weevil Larva(the Edible worm).


Some call it  ” Eruru” ,”Gongo” “Akpa” ,Bayelsa Suya or Even “Edible Worm”, whatever name you give to it,this controversial delicacy mainly eaten by people of the Niger Delta,is our food focus for the week.

This insect can either be eaten raw,roasted,fried or boiled.

It contains proteins, omega 3 fatty acids which is good for the heart, and vitamins A and C. The reality is that humans in about 90 countries eat insects and worms.

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Among the animal-based foods eaten by the Aché people of eastern Paraguay, these insects are the best energy providers – even better than honey – and so edible worms are like natural energy bars.

Unsaturated fatty acids (the good ones)are the ones also generally predominant in edible insects, and they also contain more polyunsaturated fatty acids (the really good ones) than poultry and fish.

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What are you waiting for? Go grab some of these grubs.


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