Shocking!: Husband cuts off man’s manhood after catching him sleeping with his wife (Graphic Photos)


A Zimbabwe man is regretting bedding a married woman after his ‘bedroom stick’ was chopped off by an angry husband.

According to Citizen Reporters, the man was found hiding under the bed. Upon being asked what he was doing there, he responded by saying he was a carpenter tasked by the man’s wife to fix the bed.

Another neighbour who refused to be named added:

“Tatenda Chasara (25) had told Mr Mandlenkosi Ndlovu that he was repairing the bed on the instruction of Mrs Ndlovu, Mandlenkosi’s wife.


“Mrs Ndlovu bolted when her husband stormed into the room leaving her “worker” under the bed. The incident happened yesterday at 4344 Gwabalanda. Chasara stays a stone’s throw away at Number 4309 in the same suburb.”

“Mr Ndlovu arrived home, he found the door locked but suspected his wife was inside. After knocking for some time he took his tool box which was in another room and tried to open the door.

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“That is when the wife opened the door and ran away. We do not know where she went. Mr Ndlovu went in and found Tatenda under the bed. When he was asked what he was doing, he said he said he was repairing the bed. Mr Ndlovu did not buy the story and he took a metal bar which was in the tool box and started attacking Tatenda,”

At the time of publication, Tatenda is battling for life at Mpilo Hospital.Owing to the extremely horrific content of the images,we can not post them on this website.

Warning!: Sorry guys the image is too gruesome to have on, but if you are brave click here for a limited period to view.

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