Hausa actress, Rahama Sadau gets expelled from Kannywood over this music video


The Hausa-language actress, Rahama Sahau has been expelled from Kannywood – largest film industry in Northern Nigeria, over her appearance in a music video by artiste, ClassiQ titled “I Love You”.

The Motion pictures Practitioners Association of Nigeria, MOPPAN, after an emergency meeting on Sunday expelled Kannywood hit actress, Rahama Sadau, from the industry and issued a communique signed by it’s secretary, Salisu Mohammed.

The statement reads,

“Sequel to the recent meeting in which a resolution reached by all guilds and associations under the unified body of Motion Pictures Practitioners Association of Nigeria (MOPPA). That Rahama Sadau has been expelled from the Hausa indigenous film industry popularly known as Kannnywood.

‎“This is as a result of her recent immoral appearance in a certain video song where she appeared in series of visuals (video and pictorial) hugging and cuddling the music artist ClassiQ in his newly released video.

“The leadership of the industry has taken this decision for her violation of its codes of ethics known to all it practitioners.

“By this resolution, the leadership of the industry will no longer tolerate behaviours that are against conduct and ethics laid by the constitution governing the unified leadership of the industry.

“More so, the leadership hopes that this will serve as a deterrent to the actors and actresses to check their public behaviour as they are expected to be good ambassadors to the society they represent.

“Furthermore, a committee has been set to receive and deal with reactions and feed backs to this resolution in respect to the affected actress especially those producers that currently engage her in their projects.

What do you guys think, do you think Kannywood went too far by expelling Rahama in this music video below?

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Watch: ClassiQ feat. Avala (Rahama Sadau) – I Love You

It will be recalled Sadau was suspended in May 2015 for six months by MOPPAN for a squabble she had with popular actor and producer, Adam Zango. She had accused him of demanding sex from her for a role in his movie ‘Duniya Makaranta’.

She later apologised to Adam Zango and in an interview with Pemium Times, she said regretted what she did.

“I was too childish to have reacted that way,” she said‎.

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