Ringleader of global online scams network arrested in Nigeria

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A 40-year-old Nigerian simply known as – Mike has been arrested for a network of online scams.

According to AP, he is accused of scamming 60 million dollars (£45 million) from companies around the world through fraudulent emails, he was arrested after months of investigation, Interpol and Nigeria’s anti-fraud agency said.

One target paid out 15.4 million dollars (£11.6 million), according to a statement.

The statement said the ringleader of a global scamming network, identified only as a 40-year-old called Mike, was arrested along with a 38-year-old accomplice in Nigeria’s oil capital, Port Harcourt, in June. He is on administrative bail, which implies that officers do not yet have enough evidence to charge him in court.

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The man is accused of leading a criminal network that compromised email accounts of small and medium-sized businesses around the world including in the United States, Australia, Canada, India, Malaysia, Romania, South Africa and Thailand. The statement did not name any of the targets.

The network involved about 40 people in Nigeria, Malaysia and South Africa who provided malware and carried out the frauds, with money-laundering contacts in China, Europe and the US providing bank account details.

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