Hausa man in the bus (Another Laugh)

Hausa Hats

Another Laugh!

An Hausa man was inside a bus going from Ibadan to
Lagos, the phone of a girl
sitting close to him rang;
she picks it & said “Honey, I’m on my way to Abuja
for the burial, I’ll call you
when I get there”. Another girl’s phone rang, she said
“Sweetheart I’m on my way to PH for the Masters
Degree Form, pls send me
Credit for the trip”
The other one’s phone rang, she said
“Alhaji, sorry I’m on my way to Owerri for the interview, I’ll call you later”
Na hin d Hausa man provoked o & shouted in
“Direba! (Driver), Direba!! stop filis!, fark this bus!
Shege! where exactly dis
bus I dey go??!!”

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