Shocking: Taiwan bus bursts into flames killing 26, including 24 tourists (Photo + Videos)

Motorists try to save people from the Taiwan burning bus
Motorists try to save people from the Taiwan burning bus

A Taiwanese tourist coach carrying 24 tourists from China caught fire on a highway near Taoyuan airport on Tuesday, all 26 people on board were killed, including the driver and tour guide, both from Taiwan.

Surveillance footage shot at 12:57 p.m., 19 July 2016, shows the bus driving out of control down a highway with its front already on fire. The bus ends up crashing into a guard rail.

Watch the shocking moment the bus crash into the guard rail:

The tourist bus was also said to be properly equipped with fire extinguishers and eight emergency exits, including doors and windows. However, the two main doors of the bus were blocked by the guard rail and none of the 26 passengers managed to make it out of the burning bus.

Drivers of other vehicles pulled over and tried to put out the fire and break the windows, but unfortunately without much success.

The bus burns ferociously as attempts are made to save people:

A Liberty Times report cites police as saying that 9 bodies were found crowded near the back door after the blaze was extinguished.

The tourists on board were all from Liaoning Province, scheduled to fly home in the afternoon after an eight-day trip. Three of the passengers were children, the youngest aged 12.


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