Brazil to hand out 9 million free condoms to visitors at Rio Olympics

free condoms at rio olympics

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The Brazilian government plans to give away 9 million condoms in Rio de Janeiro during the Olympic Games in August. The latex condoms are made from Amazon rubber trees gathered by tappers known for a devotion to rainforest protection.

The Brazilian Health Ministry said it will provide the most of the 9 million condoms to visitors of the Summer Olympic Games, scheduled to run from August 5-21. The International Olympic Committee has said around 450,000 of the condoms will go to athletes and staff staying at Olympic village, reports Reuters.

The rest will be made widely available to the many visitors who will be arriving in the city in just a few weeks, the Health Ministry said.

All the condoms to be distributed are produced by Natex, a factory in the western Amazonian state of Acre, deep in the rainforest near Brazil’s border with Bolivia.

Culled: Reuters

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