Two men fight over married woman in Harare


Read below what this poor husband is facing, all because of his adulterous wife,

A cheating married woman last week tried to hide behind a finger by claiming that she was being raped when she was allegedly caught pants down with her married boyfriend.

To make matters worse Muchaneta Maguru, 37, was not caught by her husband but by another lover Samuel Simango while having sex with Lisben Hiya, 33, resulting in a scuffle in Glen Norah suburb, Zimbabwe.

She is married to one Baba Kabilla but she was also allegedly bedding two other men out of wedlock.

Muchaneta was quick to come to her defence disowning Lisben to win back Simango by claiming that Lisben had raped her.

Lisben was only saved by photographs he produced with Muchaneta in bed as people were about to whisk him to the police station.

“It happened after I fell in love with Muchaneta sometime in December last year. She never told me that she was married,” said Lisben.

“I got Muchaneta’s contact number during an interview with a reporter and I started sending her love messages until she accepted me and I would visit her matrimonial home several times.

“Simango came and found me with her and he threatened to sue me after Muchaneta claimed that I had forcefully asked her to have sex with me.

“I had no choice but to produce photographs of me and Muchaneta in bed and she later disclosed that we were both her lovers.

“That is the day I knew that she was married and since December I have never met her husband; I was convinced that she was not married because I would sleep with her the whole night.

“Her husband is now threatening to take legal action following the leak of photographs of me and Muchaneta to him. Simango is the one who leaked the photographs he downloaded from my mobile phone the day he caught me.

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“My hands are clean brother she never told me that she was married,” said Lisben.

Muchaneta confirmed cheating with Lisben and Simango saying Lisben still loved her even after she disclosed that she was married.

“It’s only that I am deleting all the messages being sent by Lisben for the sake of my husband. I could have shown you that he is insisting on continuing with the affair,” said Muchaneta.

“Lisben and Simango were once my lovers but I have since stopped the affair not because my husband is around but I decided to end the affair with both of them.

“Simango agreed to end the relationship but Lisben is tormenting me and my husband is deciding to take legal action against him.

“The photographs circulating are of me and Lisben and my husband saw them; my husband is contemplating suing him for intruding into our bedroom.

“Lisben never raped me since we had agreed and I only met him in town,” said Muchaneta.

Simango said he has since stopped the affair and threatened to sue Lisben saying he is now a nuisance in his life.

“Wangu ini ndakasiyana nazvo zvaMuchaneta asi Lisben avakuda kutonetsa nenyaya iyoyo zvekuti ndavakufunga kumusungisa manje mirazvako uone,” said Simango.

“Muchaneta told me that Lisben raped her and I do not know why he is still against me when he discovered that Muchaneta is married,” he added.

Baba Kabilla told H-Metro that he is going to take legal action against Lisben over the photographs and the messages he is sending to Muchaneta.

“That guy is not normal I guess and I am planning to take legal action over the messages and photographs he is sending to my wife, I come from Chimanimani my brother,” he threatened.


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