Wife drags Kenyan Bishop, George Kamunya to court for denying her sex, sleeping around (Photo)

Bishop George Kamunya and wife, Pastor Esther

Bishop George Kamunya and wife, Pastor Esther

A Kenyan woman is accusing her bishop husband of denying her s*e*x leading her to sink into ‘very serious depression,’ according to The Nairobian.

Bishop George Kamunya of Oasis of Grace Church in Nairobi is being sued for divorce by his wife, Pastor Esther Kamunya.

In a case filed at the Milimani Commercial Court, the wife accuses Bishop Kamunya of cruelty and denying her conjugal rights which resulted in her sinking into “very serious depression, especially when she was in the family way.”

Bishop Kamunya is also being accused of constantly hurling insults and curses on his estranged wife.

“The respondent in the utmost cruelty to the petitioner, never disclosed to her that he is not a ‘man of God’ as he confesses or professes to be, a fact that she really considered before accepting to marry the respondent. He basically was not the man the petitioner thought he was,” reads Pastor Esther Kamunya’s application.

She also alleges that the bishop “during the subsistence of their marriage, has been engaging in extra marital abnormalities, in total disregard to the marriage commitment he made to the petitioner.”

She further states in her application that the respondent has since the celebration of the marriage persistently and without disregard to the petitioner, had several extramarital relationships with several other women causing her a lot of physical, psychological, mental and emotional anguish. Esther also accuses the bishop of flirting with other women, and denying that their children, two minor girls are not his.

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The Bishop, when contacted by The Nairobian said he can’t talk about the child custody matter or impending divorce case since the matter is in court. “I am a man, and I have really suffered in this relationship. I am not one to air my problems to the world, but my brother, I have suffered,” Bishop Kamunya, who once peeled potatoes to get a meal and slept in garages in Nyeri town, told The Nairobian.

“I have been staying with my children ever since their mother initiated divorce proceedings. She is the one who left her marital home, and her children. She deserted us. After staying out there for a while, she decided to sue me for upkeep and custody of the children,” says Bishop Kamunya, who once confessed to having undergone a difficult childhood, but shrugged off his nasty beginnings to offer his flock not only spiritual nourishment, but also lessons in financial planning.

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He formed Grace Time Society (GTS), which educates member of his flock on how to save and invest. Member of the group are also linked up to a financial services company where they can obtain loans. The money is used to buy plots to build permanent houses. Other members have started income-generating ventures like grocery stalls, shops, hardware stores, and poultry rearing.

The group also buys huge parcels of land and subdivides to its members.

But as his church and faithful progressed, the same could not be said of his marriage.

Bishop Kamunya told The Nairobian that in the course of the divorce proceedings, he has been arrested and spent a night in police cells over malicious allegations his wife reported to the police. “I was even taken to court and charged but the case couldn’t proceed because the DPP realized there was nothing to charge me with. I have suffered for so long, and can’t start telling the whole world the trials I have gone through. Only the bible has kept me strong.”

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