Sad: Teen girl killed by train while posing for a perfect selfie on the railway track in China (Photos)

Train kills teen girl over selfie2

A young girl has died horrifically after being hit by a train while taking a selfie just inches from a railway track.

Horror photos from the scene show the girl just seconds before the train hit her after allegedly ignoring warnings from other tourists to move back.

The unnamed 19-year-old can be seen in photos of the scene in Foshan, a city in South China’s Guangdong Province, as she holds out her mobile phone in front of herself to take the perfect selfie.

Dressed in a white top and blue skirt, the girl was reportedly drawn to that particular stretch of rail by a sea of roses growing nearby, which also attracted hundreds of others.

Train kills teen girl over selfie1

Train kills teen girl over selfie

The victim, however, took her picture project one step further by straying too close to the railway tracks, and on more than one occasion let blaring locomotives pass near her until she was finally struck by a freight train.

As can be seen from the photograph, the girl’s lifeless body was flung to one side of the tracks following the fatal accident.

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Reports citing witnesses said that bystanders had actively asked the girl to keep a safe distance from the tracks. But the victim had reportedly ignored all warnings.

Arriving paramedics are said to have pronounced the girl dead at the scene, while this latest incident may give local officials a reason to restrict visitor access to the popular scenic train tracks.

Officials in Beijing have already barred visitors from a mountainous tourist spot – which also has a railway track running through it – after hundreds of unruly photographers strayed onto the tracks and caused a number of delays.

While selfies may never be listed as an official cause of death, there have been an increasing number of selfie-related deaths in China in recent years, including those of victims who tried to take the perfect photo while perched atop dangerous cliffs and waterfalls.

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