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Watch: Nigerians can’t find Nigeria on African map (Video)

BattaBox Nigerians find Nigeria on the map

Imagine, just saw this interesting video made by BattaBox on the streets of Lagos and most of those being interviewed, could not properly identify Nigeria on the African map. I wonder did they not learn simple geography in school or don’t they know what Nigeria looks like in a map.

We hope our Education authorities see this national embarrassment, instead having pictures of politicians in public, they should also have maps of the country in public to remind people what the shape of Nigeria looks like.

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Watch the video below:

Watch also Londoners try to find Nigeria on the African map:

We can excuse some foreigners not being able to find Nigeria on the map, but they love and remember the food, Jollof Rice. But, had to give it to the young boy he knew where it was on the map and it’s most popular city, Lagos.

Source: BattaBox

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