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Look at the revealing outfit UK model, Sadie Pinn wore at Brit Awards red carpet (Photos)

Sadie Pinn brit-awards-outfit

Popular UK fashion designer, Pam Hogg’s scantily-clad model friend, Sadie Pinn has become the star of the just concluded Brit Awards 2016, and whether it be for the wrong reasons or not, she’s sure to be remembered for wearing one of the most outrageous red carpet outfit ever.

The brunette beauty towered over her friend Pam, who designed the trophies for this year’s ceremony, on the red carpet, as she opted for a completely see-through catsuit which flashed all her skin and turned her to the centre of attraction all through the night.

Sadie Pinn brit-awards-outfit1

Sadie Pinn brit-awards-outfit2

Speaking to Mirror Online at the ceremony, the star who is part of the group, Crim3s from South East London, explained that her bizarre outfit choice was inspired by one of Pam Hogg’s designs.

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She said: “I only just decided to do it five minutes before but I know them and I asked Pam. I thought, as long as she says it’s okay, I’ll just do it! I wanted to be like, ‘Hey! I’m a living doll’ I’ve done it many times before. I’ve been spending all night with nothing on my a***.

“I might as well show the world what the outfits about. My friends on other tables were encouraging me to do it!,” She added.

She also wore the outfit at Hogg’s London Fashion Week presentation earlier this week.

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