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Woman returns to shoot her barber dead for giving her a bad haircut (Photos)

Adrian Blanchce Swain
Adrian Blanchce Swain

A California woman unhappy with her haircut returned to the San Diego salon and tried to shoot her barber, but he escaped unharmed when her gun jammed, police say.

Barber Manny Montero said customer Adrian Blanchce Swain, 29, left 619 Barber Shop happy, having paid for her $20 haircut and leaving another $20 tip.

But an hour later, Swain returned to complain about the haircut and tried to shoot Montero three times, but the gun didn’t fire.

Adrian Blanchce Swain
Adrian Blanchce Swain

Montero and another barber then tackled the woman, holding her on the ground until authorities arrived.

Barber Joe Cooper, who wasn’t at the scene when the incident occurred, said that Swain had come into the shop looking for a haircut similar to Rihanna’s Mohawk cut, where the sides are short, but not shaved.

‘Kind of like the Rihanna haircut,’ Cooper said ‘Easy haircut to do, to be honest.’

‘She’s probably just having a bad day. It was more mental with her. But the haircut, it’s a very stylish haircut though,’ Cooper added.

Montero claims that Swain returned with a different haircut than the one she left with.

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Barber, Manny Montero
Barber, Manny Montero

‘She came in with you know a bald spot on the side and I’m like, “I didn’t do that”,’he said

Another barber, Chris Tatum, who helped Montero tackle Swain, agreed with his colleague’s assessment of the haircut.

‘When she came back in, she did not have the same haircut that she actually left with,’ Tatum told WPXI.

Tatum said that police found razors inside Swain’s vehicle and that she ‘shaved her hair’.

‘619 Barber Shop has been in business for 20-plus years here in North Park, we’ve never had any incident like that,’ Tatum later told ABC. ‘When she came in she seemed to be a very pleasant young lady.’

‘It’s by the grace of God we’re still here. It could have ended up a whole different way,’ he added.

San Diego Police said that Swain’s gun was loaded but malfunctioned. She is now facing attempted murder charges.

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