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Colombian model, Yeimy Rey arrested at airport for kidnapping and torturing rival (Photos + Video)

Model, Yeimy Rey arrested at Bogota airport
Model, Yeimy Rey arrested at Bogota airport

A Colombian model has been arrested at an airport on suspicion of torturing a rival who posted unflattering pictures of her on social media. The woman named Yeimy Rey was arrested by the police as she tried to board a flight to Miami.

It was gathered that Yeimy and her sister Claudia executed the act on the victim named Carolina Muñoz, 23, at a restaurant in the Colombian capital Bogota.

It is believed the sisters subjected their victim submitted her to a night of terror after driving her to a remote spot in the countryside.

The victim told police: “They bit me, tortured me, pulled my hair and when we reached a remote spot in the car they cut all my clothes off and left me totally naked.”

Watch the video of Yemy Rey’s arrest:

She also revealed that they threatened to destroy her life by throwing acid into her face, shaving her hair off, and forcing her to hand over the passwords to her social networking sites before posting intimate photos of her on the Internet.

She told a Colombian newspaper: “I made a mistake and I accept it. I posted some photos of them on social networking sites from the days before they had surgery, when they were natural.

“But I didn’t do it out of spite, I did it to show people their natural beauty and because of some very ugly comments they had made about my photos and my teeth.”

Model Yeimy Reay arrested

Yeimy is in police detention after being held on an arrest warrant. Speaking further on the case, her lawyer, Dario Barragan, who is also representing her sister, has claimed there was no kidnap and the authorities should be dealing with the incident as a mutual assault.

He said: “They were all friends and Miss Munoz willingly got into their car.

“The personal injuries were mutual. My clients were also attacked.”

Speaking soon after the incident, Yeimy’s sister Claudia claimed: “Carolina stole some old photos before we had surgery and the normal things models have done.

“She created fake profiles of us to poke fun at us. We asked her to stop it but it got worse because then she published a photo of our mum to ridicule us and that made us furious.

“We met her in the restaurant by chance and took advantage of the meeting to tell her what we thought of her. We shouted at her and she got in our car because she didn’t want all the attention with the noise we were making.

“We never planned to attack her, we wanted to talk to her that’s all. She threatened us and my sister had a fight with her. It was a mutual assault.

“Yeimy cut her hair but not as much as Carolina says. She shaved her hair off herself to exaggerate things.

“We never bit her and we never did things like threaten to throw acid in her face. All she wants to do is damage our reputation.”

Police said in a statement: “A woman accused of attacking the model Carolina Munoz was captured at El Dorado Airport in Bogota.

“The arrest happened as the woman was intending to leave the country on a flight to Miami.

“The case occurred on 31 January 2015 when, according to witnesses, the victim was kidnapped in a restaurant in northern Bogota.

“The woman received electric shocks and was driven in a vehicle to a remote rural spot where she was submitted to more physical and psychological attacks such as having her head shaved.

“According to the model’s testimony she had her phone taken off and was forced to hand over the codes to her social networking sites so intimate photos of her could be posted on them.

“She was subsequently abandoned naked and without her belongings.

“The National Police has established that two models known as the Rey sisters could be behind the kidnap and violence against Carolina Munoz.

“One is the woman that was captured at El Dorado Airport and the other is being hunted in Colombia and abroad where she could be in hiding.

“It is considered that the attack could have been a revenge attack over personal differences linked to the publication some years ago of photos of the Rey sisters without their consent and before they underwent cosmetic surgery. The investigation continues.”

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