Parasites defecting to APC should be watched – Akande

Bisi Akande

77-year-old former Goverrnor of Osun State and former interim national chairman of APC, Chief Bisi Akande in a recent interview with Vanguard has blasted the Nigerian politicians defecting to the ruling party All Progress Congress (APC).

What is your reaction to the continuous defection of politicians from the PDP to APC?

The situation is like bringing together two pieces of wood to make furniture. If the wood is weak, the furniture will not be strong enough. It is true that we put the party (APC) together in a hurry and we put it together by merging political parties but before it became a political party, and glued into one, election had come and we seemed to be more concerned with election than the making of the party.

Political parasites

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But those who are defecting from one party to the other, by nature, they are political parasites, they have killed the original hosts which was PDP and they are now coming to APC which is the new host, and it’s for APC to guard its own loins and prevent the parasites from killing the party because a parasite has no root of its own but feeds on the little food that the host is having.

So running away from PDP to APC, APC must be careful in dealing with those parasites. But, that may not prevent true democracy because it depends on how we define democracy, the type of democracy in Nigeria is not anywhere in the world, it’s a moribund democracy.

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