Iran slams Saudi Arabia with huge economic sanctions

Iranian President, Hassan Rouhani
Iranian President, Hassan Rouhani

Iran this morning, 7th of January banned all products from Saudi Arabia after Riyadh cut ties with Tehran in the wake of a diplomatic crisis.

“The cabinet has banned the entry of all Saudi products and products from Saudi Arabia,” a source claimed.

This discord is as a result of the execution of some Shiite Muslims by Saudi Arabia on the grounds of terrorism. Before now, Iran warned Saudi Arabia it will pay “a high price” for executing prominent Shiite, cleric Nimr al-Nimr.

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Saudi Arabia executed 47 “terrorists”, mostly suspected Al Qaeda members. Iran accuses Saudi Arabia of aiding extremists and silencing critics by execution. Nimr al-Nimr’s brother calls for calm.

Reports also have it that the police clashed with Sheikh Nimr supporters in Bahrain.

Both countries have officially broken diplomatic ties since the incident of the execution. It should be noted that the Shiite Muslims originated from Iran.

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