Man tries to return woman’s dropped money, gets dismissed and told “Sorry I’m not into Black boys” (Photos)

This is a story of why judging a book by it’s cover can actually cost you.
Joe Christie, a musician from London, recently saw a £10 note fall from a woman’s handbag.
Being the good Samaritan Joe ran up to the woman in an attempt to return her money.
However rather than being praised for his good nature, Joe received a rather different response.

Here is what he wrote on Facebook:

“This is a picture of £7.05p
20 minutes ago i was on Streatham high street in South London.
A woman about 3 metres in front of me no older than 30 dropped a £10 note from her jacket pocket.
I picked it up,walked up to her an said “Excuse me luv”..
Before i had a chance to finish my sentence she said “Sorry I’m not into Black boys” and walked off in a hurry.
(Thanks for buying me lunch) ???”

man returns womans money

joe christie

Not letting the woman’s rude and borderline racist remark get him down, Joe used the money to buy himself lunch.
We hope this doesn’t stop him being just as honest in the future.


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