How to get your Facebook crush to notice you

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In 2015, more and more relationships are being formed via online dating. It’s not as taboo as it used to be and considering you spend much of your time on Facebook along with millions of others, there’s a good chance you’re single and have a few lady interests on your page right now. How do you get her to notice you though? How do you get her to respond to your inbox messages? Better yet, how do you get her to hit you up first?

Content is Everything – What are you saying? On these digital streets you have to represent yourself well. There’s no way she’s able to hear you or see your body language so all of the communication she gathers is by what she sees from your page. Therefore you have to be cognizant about the type of articles you share & comments/status updates that you post. She has no other way of forming an impression of you other than by what you present on your Facebook page. Use your page to distinguish yourself. If you become known as a gentleman with thought provoking content, or funny content, or positive/inspiring content, that will attract likeminded women to you. They’ll begin to engage in conversation with you thus opening up a pathway of least resistance to you at least receiving their phone numbers or what I actually prefer, which is FaceTime/Skype to get better acquainted.

Speaking of likeminded women, heres what else you should do ….

Engage in pages/groups that interest you – Similar to if you’re offline and want to meet women, you don’t go searching for wherever you think a woman would be, no, no, no, no, no. You go to where YOUR interests are. If you love reading, you go to bookstores, if you love Art, you go to Art Exhibits, if you love sports, you go to sports games, and then while you’re out living and doing your thing you look up, and around and I’m sure you’ll see a beautiful woman to introduce yourself to. The same applies online, you want to join groups and pages that you have a genuine interest in. Once in those groups make your presence felt, engage with the group, leave witty and thoughtful comments. Trust me, they’ll notice.

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But now that you’ve got their attention and they know a bit of what your interests are …

Your photos should be physically appealing – Regardless of how shallow it may be to some, looks are important. A woman isn’t requiring you to be Idris Elba or Omari Hardwick or whoever the famous celebrity guy they can’t get enough of watching at the moment. However they appreciate a well groomed gentleman in the same way we appreciate them in all of their beauty. So put your best foot forward, and have a profile picture that shows you in your best light. If you’re a gym rat, have a pic of you at the gym, if you’re into yoga, have a pic of you doing yoga. Let your photo tell her a story.

*Now this goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway, no money shots or nude photos please*

Now after implementing the above, you’ll have your fair-share of women either hitting you up, or responding positively when you reach out to them. You want to make sure you can transition the conversation from your Facebook inbox to a table for 2.

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