So sad: Lovers die in each other’s arms while celebrating birthday in tragic helicopter crash

Andrew Virco and Katherine Walker

An holidaymaker died alongside his partner in a helicopter crash after she booked the ride as a 50th birthday gift to him. The two died tragically in each other’s arms as the chopper they were riding in smashed into New Zealand’s Fox Glacier.

Andrew Virco and Katherine Walker were two of four Brits killed in the chopper accident while celebrating. A pal told how they had been on the “holiday of a lifetime” to celebrate both turning 50, but ended up dead when the chopper crashed.

Radiotherapist Katherine, who reached the milestone in March, bought tickets for the doomed flight as her present to the photographer. He was due to turn 50 on Sunday while they were still on the trip.

Wrecked Chopper
Wrecked Chopper

Family friend Karen Middleton said: “This was Andrew’s birthday present and they were having a wonderful time. They lived life to the full.”

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The pair, from Cambridge, each had a child, both aged 22, from previous relationships.

Also, Brits Nigel Charlton, 66, and his wife Cynthia, 70, were also killed when the helicopter came down in heavy rain on the glacier used in the filming of Lord of the Rings. Their heartbroken family said: “They were very adventurous and this holiday was to be their last big adventure.”

Neighbour Cathie Wood, 71, added: “I do not know why the helicopter had to take off in such bad weather. It is just terrible what has happened.”

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