Firefighter pays homeless man to viciously murder his wife (Photos)

Killer, George Tiaffay
Killer, George Tiaffay

Police have uncovered how a a firefighter paid a homeless man to brutally murder his wife to avoid going through a divorce.

Shauna Tiaffay had recently moved out of the couple’s shared home, certain that their shaky marriage was over and taking her daughter, Madison, with her. But unknown to her, George her husband harboured grudges and wanted her dead.

Shauna, a cocktail waitress in Las Vegas, was murdered by a homeless man hiding in her apartment after coming in from a long shift. Her attacker clubbed the 46-year-old to death with a claw hammer, following a long rocky period in her marriage to controlling husband George Tiaffay.

Shauna Tiaffay
Wife, Shauna Tiaffay

In fact, it was George who had discovered the body the following morning and dialed 911 himself to report a break in and a murder.
Police suspected the husband but he had a sound alibi because he was on duty at the fire department that night and could not have murdered her. He was left on the suspect list as police looked for another lead.

Police however got a break when they were tipped by a man who claimed a homeless friend, ex-con Noel Stevens, had told him he’d killed a woman with a hammer, striking her so hard that the tool broke.

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Homeless man, Noel Stevens
Homeless man, Noel Stevens

At the station, Stevens confessed to killing Shauna and police found husband George’s contact details in his phone.

It emerged that husband George had been paying homeless Stevens to do odd jobs around the house, and phone records show the pair had been in near-constant contact in the run-up to the murder.

Noel Stevens had been offered over £400 by George Tiaffay to kill his wife, and chilling CCTV footage emerged of the pair shopping for hammers together.

Killer, George-Tiaffay shopping for hammer
CCTV footage of, George Tiaffay and Noel Stevens

After a failed suicide attempt, 43-year-old George was taken in by police and was found guilty of first degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder.

George’s family described him as a hard-working man who risked his life to save others, but he was also a man who walked his daughter into her mum’s home, knowing that she was lying dead inside.

George Tiaffay and Noel Stevens, now 40, were both sentenced to life without parole.

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