Ghanaian Millionaire, Prince Kofi Amoabeng says he does not pay tithes & will never do

Prince Kofi-Amoabeng
Prince Kofi Amoabeng

A Ghanaian multi-millionaire businessman, Prince Kofi Amoabeng has revealed he never pays tithe but says he believes in God and goes to church.

To the ‘faithful’, paying a monthly tax, presented as tithes which ought to be 1/10th of a person’s income to the church is a commandment from God—and he rewards greatly those who honour this.

The poor with little to live on still have to squeeze and pay their portion to the church—and for long, this has been encouraged by the church.

But recently, it has become a key church principle: the tithe must be paid or else, God will refuse to even hear your prayers, let alone bless you.

In spite of this, Prince Kofi Amoabeng, president of UT Holdings—the holders of UT bank and other companies has come out to say, he does not pay tithes and will never do.

Speaking to Starr FM on Friday morning, he said he believes in God and goes to Church “once in a long while if there is a wedding or funeral,” but he is not a tither.

Prince Kofi Amoabeng said:

“I don’t pay tithe. I would not give 10 percent and nobody can force me to give 10 percent of my money to anybody. So I don’t pay tithe. I do all sort of philanthropic jobs myself. I see where there is the need for me to help and I help.”

He continued, “I don’t have to give it to somebody who then decides where to put the money. So it is my hard earned money and I should put it where I want to put it.”

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Obviously, though he has not been paying anything as tithe, God has richly bless him while those who continue to pay tithes only make the pastors rich—with their personal situations remaining the same. And for those who see improvement in their lives, there is no evidence it is because they paid out some tithes.

Perhaps, it’s time to stop putting your money in these pastor’s pocket as tithes—and use it for something else.

After all, Prince Kofi Amoabeng is a living testimony that if you do not pay tithes, God will still bless you.


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