Twerk attack victim forgives dirty dancers, wants police to drop charges

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A Washington D.C.  man who was twerked on, sexually assaulted, humiliated and embarrassed at a gas station by two scantily dressed women (Read Here) has forgiven the suspects and he wants the police to drop the charges against them.

Washington Tharpe, the 40-year-old middle school Spanish teacher, who is the son of a pastor, said his connection to his church led him to change his mind about the two twerking twerps.

He told NY Daily “I’m willing to let go of all my pain that I had inside, of the humiliation, and direct it towards the improvement of her life,”

Washington Tharpe
Washington Tharpe

Tharpe was sexually assaulted on Oct. 7 after two women started aggressively twerking on him at a D.C. gas station. The two dirty dancers grabbed his privates and violently groped him during the unwanted shakedown.

One of the dancers, Ayanna Marie Knight, was arrested on Nov. 10 and charged with sexual abuse in the third degree. She had been charged with prostitution twice in D.C. and once in Las Vegas. Cops are still searching for the woman’s dirty-dance partner-in-crime, but Tharpe doesn’t want her arrested anymore.

In fact, he’d rather have the charges dropped completely.

The twerk attack victim told the Daily News he did not want to see the two young women face the legal system, as the two had been punished enough already from the viral clip.

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After he heard Knight could face up to 10 years in jail for her sexual abuse charges, and had to be registered as a sex offender if convicted, he began to feel sympathetic for her.

“If she was like 30-years-old or 40, I would have asked to throw the book at her,” Tharpe said. “But at 22, she’s not grown. I can’t see myself sending her to prison for that.”

After all his own preaching of forgiveness at church, he said he’d be a hypocrite if he didn’t do the same in his own life.

Tharpe said he felt a weight lifted off his shoulders once he made the decision to forgive Knight and the other dancer. Now, he said, he wants to help them.

He said he wants to help them get out of prostitution and find a job. The forgiving twerk attack victim said he also wants the women to join N Street Village, a community of empowerment and recovery for women, and RAINN, another support group.

In return, he asks that the two women apologize, and become role models for young women.

He’s been trying to contact prosecutors to drop the charges, but said they had been avoiding him.

If the case goes to trial, Tharpe said he would not testify against the women.


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