Woman searches for sexy Scottish guy that gave her a passionate kiss in London bar on Halloween

girl looking for sexy scottish kisser

A lovestruck Londoner is on the hunt for the Scottish hottie she kissed in a Clapham bar on Halloween.

Italian-born Elisa, 28, had a brief kiss with the blonde Scot, whom she nicknamed ‘Scottish Boomerang’ in Revolution on Clapham High Street.

After he walked her home, and they stopped for a burger mid-way (naturally), she gave him her mobile number. But, two weeks later, she hasn’t heard from him.

Not to be deterred, and believing he’s ‘the one’, Elisa has now launched an online campaign using the hashtag #FindingTheScottie to get her Boomerang back.

Picture of one of the posters Elisa has been posting on bus stops.
Picture of one of the posters Elisa has been posting on bus stops.

She’s even gone old-school and plastered posters on bus stops and lamp-posts across south London (all she knows is that he’s a banker and he lives in the area).

‘I have thought of why you may have decided to not call me after that night (and just for the records and the rest of the audience reading this, no! We didn’t have sex that night. Who the hell do you think I am?’ Elisa writes.

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‘Maybe it was my messy make up…I promise I’ll never wear rouge again,’ she suggests.

But, she says, ‘you look like a good guy,’ and even her talkative, drunk flatmate was charmed, so he sounds like a keeper.

girl finding scottish kisser1

She concludes: ‘If you have a girlfriend or you are a serial killer please go on and do not bother calling, but if you had a good time that night and wanna find out more let’s have a second round of drinks’.

Elisa has set up a dedicated email account for him to contact her on – findingthescottie@gmail.com – in case he’s lost her mobile number.
While she’s had lots of feedback and encouragement from interested Londoners on Twitter, Elisa is yet to find her Scottish Boomerang.

[Please Mr Scottish Bomerang get in touch with this fine babe]


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