Mother of 8 killed by ex after fight over diaper money


A 28-year-old mother of eight has been viciously murdered during an argument over money for diapers and baby wipes, police said in a criminal complaint.

The woman was shot dead by her ex-boyfriend, Markese Reese, 20, of Penn Hills.

The single mother identified as 28-year-old Marqua Wilson, of Pittsburgh allowed Reese known for his violent history to visit her that fateful Sunday night when he brought baby supplies and some marijuana to her home.

Reese and Wilson argued Sunday night when he asked her to reimburse him for the baby supplies, saying the money was supposed to have been spent on marijuana.

The adults went to bed at about 2a.m. Monday after Wilson agreed to repay Reese, but the argument resumed after they woke up about 10 a.m leading to the shooting of Wilson.

Wilson died of a gunshot wound to the head, police said.

Reese was arrested late Tuesday and jailed without bond on a charge of criminal homicide in the death of 28-year-old Marqua Wilson, of Pittsburgh.

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