Look at the funny campaign poster of this young Ugandan politician (Photo)

eric mununuzi

This guy Eric Mununuzi will kill us with laughter. Lol..

He is a handcart pusher and an aspirant for a political seat in Uganda says its his time to eat from the nations treasury. At least he is honest with his intentions from the start, unlike other politicians that rob the masses continuously. Read what he said below,

“It is fare that everyone is given a chance to eat and I believe that my turn to eat has come. It is hypocritical to lie to the people that you are going to serve them yet your appetite is directed at the jumbo moneys that belong to Mwananchi. Most of these leaders are elected to positions pencil thin yet, after three months in office; their waists grow from 18 inches to 80 inches. Is this not hypocrisy? Instead of concentrating on national infrastructure, they concentrate on stomach infrastructure”

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