I don’t have a girlfriend – Don Jazzy

Don Jazzy
Don Jazzy

Gifted producer Don Jazzy, in a recent sit down with Vanguard talks about his work life – the Mavin records and crew and their upcoming concert, his own musical journey and D’banj, his strong social media relationship with fans as well as his love life.

Read some excerpts from the interview:

Why did it take you this long to put together a concert of this magnitude?

I have been planning things in my head but then, it’s now that we are going live. There is no point doing something when you don’t have content. I am a perfectionist, so, until I know that I have what it takes to do one, I won’t do it. I would have come out to say let’s organize a concert, but if you don’t have correct content there is no point doing one

Do you have plans to have international artistes at the concert?


Will D’banj be performing at this concert?

Right now I cannot categorically tell you whether he will call me to say: “Oh you are organizing a concert too? I will come o.”But right now, he is not billed to perform at the concert.

Would you be collaborating with D’banj any time soon ?

It is possible. We will do it when we both settle down and agree we want to do it. He is busy doing his own thing and I am also busy with my Korede , Reekado and Dija .We live in the same vicinity. By the time we sit down and plan it, we would create something. We would probably work again. As long as there is life, there is nothing impossible.

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Would you be signing a rapper anytime soon?

Yes, I have signed a couple of them, but you are yet to meet them.

Would you be releasing your own single anytime soon?

I am not thinking of that now. I have people that need to succeed. I am happy developing people for now till death do me part. Already, I feel that I am singing too much.

What is the secret of your success?

There is no secret, I just work hard


You interact with a lot of people on social media, how do you sieve the people you interact with?

Why should I sieve them? If they come correct, we will talk. If they don’t come correct, I move on. I have met a lot of people via the social media.

Does Don Jazzy have a girlfriend?

I don’t have a girlfriend.

When last were you in a relationship?

A year ago. I am on break now when it comes to a relationship.

When do you think the time will be right to tie the knots?

I might not even announce that I will be getting married. I don’t understand why you people think I will just come and announce that I will be getting married. I am not really that kind of person.

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