Couple die while having sex in hotel’s hot tub


A husband crushed his wife to death in a hotel hot tub after suffering a heart attack that also claimed his life.

Canadians Charles Mackenzie, 67, and wife Dorothy, 63, were found dead at the Playaca Palace Hotel, Mexico.

They were at the resort for their daughter’s wedding and were found on Tuesday morning, two days before the ceremony was due to take place.

Mr Mackenzie’s brother-in-law, Douglas Hastings, said: ‘I know that they’re more concerned about the remains and cremation and things like that.

‘I don’t really know about the wedding.’

It was initially believed they may have died as a result of electrocution, but this was later ruled out.

An official report said that Mr MacKenzie had died of a heart attack and Mrs Mackenzie died from ‘asphyxiation by submersion’.

Hotel spokesman David Rubeo told The Canadian Press: ‘The room was perfectly fine. All the equipments were working perfectly. What the family mentioned was a heart attack.’


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