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Father found his son hanged in bedroom, after row with his sister (Photos)

Christopher with sister Kimberly
Christopher with sister Kimberly

A distraught Jason Furniss-Roe, 42, has narrated the horrifying moments his 8-year-old son Christopher hanged himself after being sent to his room for arguing with his sister Kimberly over a red plastic bucket. The boy hanged himself after his father told him to get washed and go to bed.

The dad of four said: “He had a shower but snuck back down to play which did not bother me because they were both outside playing happily. Not long after, Kimberly came back in saying he had hit her so I sent him back up to bed. Ten or 15 minutes later I said ‘Shall we let him back down?’ I went up to get him and when I opened the door that was when I found him. I grabbed hold of him and lifted him up and started undoing the knot around his neck and let him down.”

Father, Jason
Father, Jason

He yelled for Kimberly, then seven, to bring him the phone and dialled 999 to call an ambulance.

Jason said: “I lifted him up and was trying to undo the knot. It was so tight it took me ages to get it undone. I just could not understand how he could do it. I’ve sent him to his room loads when he was naughty and he would just sit on his bed and that was it.”

Once down Jason performed CPR on his son until the emergency services arrived. Christopher was taken to Royal Gwent Hospital in Newport, South Wales, before being moved to the University Hospital in Cardiff.

Jason recalls: “We waited to see what was going to happen. At the hospital I was just wishing he would show some sign that he was still there. We were just watching the machines to see if he was doing anything. We were in the same room as him. We must have arrived at half-eight in the evening and it was noon the following day when my parents arrived. Nans and grandparents and other aunties and cousins, his brothers and sisters. At noon they said they would have to turn the machine off so everyone said goodbye to him. Before that happened I took Kimberly outside and told her what was going to happen. I told her I was not going to lie to her. I told her her brother was going to die. I spoke to him after everyone else. I just told him I loved him and I missed him. When they turned the machine off Kimberly was crying her eyes out. Everyone was. I was crying as well.”

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Jason, originally from London but now of Pontypool, said: “I still miss him. He is in my mind all the time. If I could speak to him now I would just ask why he did it. He was full of energy and so funny. He liked playing and climbing. He was very protective of people as well. He didn’t like seeing other children being bullied. He said he wanted to join the Army so he could have a lightsabre. I think he thought by the time he went into the Army they would be around. He didn’t know the new film was coming out. He would have loved it.”


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