Man stabs wife to death for using his mobile phone

bernard mwenga wilson
Bernard Mwenga Wilson

A 39-year-old man who stabbed his wife 23 times, killing her instantly, has been handed the death penalty.

The couple, who had three children, had disagreed over the use of his mobile phone by his wife.

While sentencing Bernard Mwenga Wilson of Nairobi, Kenya, Justice Luka Kimaru said the husband was a habitual wife batterer who finally chose to finish her off by repeatedly stabbing her to death.

“The fact that you stabbed her 23 times shows you had an intention to kill, witnesses saw you lick her blood, which had stained the knife you used to attack her,” the judge said.

The incident occurred on October 28, 2010 at a salon, where the wife, Mrs Caroline Mbeta, worked.

Justice Kimaru said an autopsy report indicated that the victim had three litres of blood in her chest due to the multiple stab wounds that were also found on her lower abdomen, head and shoulders.

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The judge said witnesses had recounted that the couple had constant disagreements that resulted in fist fights before the fatal incident occurred.

“You are a person who assaulted your wife on several occasions and on this one decided to murder her,” the judge said.

He said he had rejected the convict’s defence that on the fateful day he was drunk and could not recall what he had done or what had happened.

He has 14 days to appeal.

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