Brazilian Police Officer shoots wife 11 times killing her in broad daylight (Graphic Photo + Video)

police man shoots wife

A shocking video has revealed a police officer chasing his wife for several minutes before shooting her to death.

The police officer comitted the gruesome act in Uberlandia, south east Brazil, on October 20.

The fatal shooting began at about 10.50am when the man chased his wife down a street as she was trying to flee. The video footage shows a police officer pulling out his handgun and firing into his wife Veridiana Rodrigues Carneiro, 36, in front of horrified witnesses.

The woman can be seen collapsed to the ground next to a parked car as her husband fires a few shots in her lifeless body. Then he calmly walks out of site of CCTV cameras.

According to local media, the 46-year-old later locked himself in their family house and only after hours of negotiation with officers from the Special Actions and Tactics Group surrendered to police.

The couple had an argument before a blood-curdling incident but nobody knows what exactly triggered the murder. The policeman is now treated at a psychiatric unit in the Clinical Hospital of the University of Uberlandia.

Watch the graphic video:

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