Man is killed by car as he cleaned up remains of his run-over dog

man killed by accident
Robert Strassel and dog Ellie

man killed by accident1

A dog-lover was mown down and killed when he was cleaning up the remains of a golden retriever he treated ‘like his child’, relatives said.

Robert H Strassel, 55, had been woken by his wife Deborah in Niagara County, New York, to tell him that his seven-year-old golden retriever, Ellie, had been hit.

Robert turned to Deborah and said, ‘It’s going to be a bad, bad day.’
As he was cleaning up Ellie’s remains, he was struck and killed.

Daughter Alyssa Strassel said, ‘It was like his child. He spent a lot of time with her. He treated her like another sibling, is the best way to sum it up.’

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‘I think my dad just felt like it was his obligation.

‘Maybe he felt like he just wanted to take care of that situation, go out and not leave that for his family to see.’


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