NNPC staff shoots boy dead for chasing daughter

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A sacked NNPC staff who reportedly shot dead a young school leaver, Douglas Ochaga Ojugbo for having a romantic relationship with his daughter in Calabar, Cross Rivers state, has had people wondering why the police are yet to arraign the suspect in court, according to Vanguard.

Health officials from Calabar Urban Development Authority, CUDA, buried the remains of Douglas, who was preparing to write his 2015 JAMB-UTME examination, in a shallow grave on the orders of the Divisional Police Officer, DPO, in the area without identifying him. The DPO said the killer informed the police that Douglas was an armed robber, who came to rob him in his house.

However, family of the deceased described the claim by the police and their son’s killer as a rooster and bull story. Mother of the slain boy, Mrs. Maria Ogar Ojugbo, a director at the Fishery Unit, Ministry of Agriculture, Calabar, told Niger Delta Voice that her son went to collect money for a mini-notebook he sold to the man’s daughter, Mercy, when the assailant killed him.

Father of the deceased, Mr. Ogar Ojugbo, in a petition to the Inspector General of Police, said his son was not a robber and that the former NNPC staff killed him in cold blood because he was having an amorous relationship with his daughter. He asserted: “My son is 22 years old. Sometime this year, he sold his used mini-laptop to the daughter of the suspect, who lives with him at his River Basin Authority home. The daughter made a part payment of the agreed sum leaving a balance.

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“My son had been visiting the home of the suspect to collect or recover the balance of his money. The suspect, not pleased with the boy’s presence, inquired or demanded to know what he was doing in his house. My son tried to explain to him his transaction with his daughter. Without any effort to verify the boy’s story, he asked him to leave his house and warned him never to visit his house again.

“My son was about leaving when his daughter asked my son to come on March 10 and collect the balance of his money. On the said day, my son went to the house hoping to see his daughter as they agreed, but unfortunately he saw the suspect.

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