My celebrity crush is D’Banj – Imelda J

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Talented Benue state born singer, Imelda Ada Okwori popularly known as Imelda J, who was rumoured to be romantically linked with her state Governor, Gabriel Suswan is one of the hottest Afro pop singers in Nigeria.

The light skinned starlet was also in hot romance with another music act, Jaywon, but their affair never stood the test of time.

In a recent interview, Imelda confessed that she’s ready to give all in order to go nestling with the Koko master, D’banj, as his lips always turns her on.

“It’s personal, whether there is or not, I don’t like discussing my private life. Sometimes, when you are in a relationship and you make it public, they help you ruin it . So, its better you keep that part of you to yourself.

The only male celebrity I have a crush on is D’banj. Reason being that I love him and because he is very focus. D’banj is a superstar who looks beyond the music industry. He dares even when it might fail and those are the qualities that attracted him to me including his lips. I think he’s a spirit-filled kind of person like me. I don’t mind having a relationship with him,” she hinted.

While describing the kind of man that she would like to spend rest of your life with, she said, “I love freedom and being happy. I don’t like someone who is domineering. For instance, if you are the kind of man that wants to go out and play snookers or football. As long as it is going to give you happiness and it’s not going to cause you any harm, I have no reason to stop you.

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Equally, if you know my music is my source of joy, my man should be able to support me financially and otherwise. He should be there for me. If he’s not well-to-do, I know he does not have but if he does, I know he should be there for me. If I want to go to the studio and the man is not allowing me, he is not my kind of man.”

Interestingly, to the songstress, sex means something more than spiritual, “To me, sex is highly spiritual because if I don’t love someone I cannot kiss the person. But something happened sometimes ago when a male fan kissed me on stage. I believe sex is more divine than the way people see it. I respect sex a lot and I think it should be sacred.” She said

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