Lecturer shares photo working as a labourer in Kwara, due to non-payment of salary for 6 months


A Lecturer in Kwara state College of Education, Oro, Mr Kayode Odeyemi has appealed to the Kwara state government to pay workers salary.

He uploaded his picture while working as labourer in a building construction site to earn a paltry N1,500 to cater for his family. Mr Kayode said the hardship many lecturers are going through as a result of the non payment of salaries is unbearable.

He said he has no option than to do what he’s doing so as to be able to feed.




[Effiezy.com says: While Buhari’s APC led government is taking forever to kickstart the economy, naming corrupt politicians ministers, busy fighting Wike and the rest. People don’t care about all that they need to feed their families]
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