Shoplifter who made £2m refuses to get a job unless it pays £36,000 a year

Kim Farry
See trouble, look at a thief’s demand.. Is she serious?

A shoplifter who admitted to earning £2 million from theft has said that she won’t take a job unless it pays £36,000 per year.

Kim Farry, 54, told a Channel 5 documentary that she earned £50,000 per year from shoplifting, which she described as her ‘successful business’.

She spent the proceeds on tattoos, plastic surgery and designer clothes – and has 30 convictions for theft.

She now collects £250 benefits per week – and lives rent-free in a flat in Fulham.

Farry says she has calculated that she needs £4,000 a month to live – and that employers turn her down because she is ‘too common’.

She said, ‘I’ve applied for a few jobs but never get anything back – they want loads of qualifications and I ain’t got anything. I can’t even talk properly. I’m too common.

‘I would work in a gym. There was one here at £18,000-a-year but that’s not enough money. I need more money than that – I need double that.

‘I just want to do a job and I need it to pay well because of the money I am used to. I don’t want to work like I’m on benefits. That’s the problem.’


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