I’ve Watched My Wife Have Sex With Over 2000 Men – Husband

Jeremy Kyle Swingers

Jeremy Kyle Swingers

This man is really proud how they living their lives. The couple talk about their lifestyle..

A husband who appeared on ‘Jeremy Kyle Show’ has revealed how he watched his wife have sex with over 2000 men. The man named David, said he also watched the wife have sex with about 30 men in just one night.

David and his wife are into swinging – A lifestyle of non-monogany where sexual relations occur outside the established couple.

The couple have been together for three years. David said he told his wife about swinging after he researched it on the internet. He then watched videos of swingers, liked it and began looking for clubs involved in swinging.

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When asked why they do it and whether the he feels belittled in anyway watching other men have sex with his wife, David said he feels comfortable and loves the adventure.

He said, “She has sex with men and I watch and I go with women and she watches.”

The wife also watches him have sex with other women. They say it is exciting, dangerous, riveting and explosive.

David and his wife however realize the dangers involved. He said they use protection in all the sexual activity they engage with other people and go for medical examination every three months.

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