5 Signs You’re Dating A Party Girl

5 Signs You’re Dating A Party Girl

5 Signs You’re Dating A Party Girl

So you recently started dating what seems to be the girl of your dreams. She’s wild, gorgeous, awesome to hang with and you feel intoxicated when you’re around her. But as time wears on, you begin to see through her glittery facade and realize that your dream girl is only interested spending all of her time hanging out at bars and clubs. If you’re beginning to feel like a prop in your girl’s life, it’s likely because that’s just what you are. Here are 5 signs that your current love interest is nothing more than a party girl.

1. You have no alone time together
You look for some alone time with your girlfriend, but she wants the two of you to go to the club on Friday, a party on Saturday and meet up with her crew on Sunday. She may want you as her boyfriend, but the party is where it’s at for her–and if her girlfriends want to spend a night on the town, you lose.

2. She’s frequently hungover
Her stories usually start with: “One night, I got so drunk that I…” She always drink excessively when the two of you go to a party– or she’s on some other substance. She gets a lot of hangovers and her solution to just about anything is getting wasted.

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3. She’s always the life of the party
She invites you to lots of parties and she’s well acquainted with all the bartenders, bouncers, and promoters in town. She dresses provocatively and is no stranger to places filled with horny men.

4. You have to bail her out of jail
You get calls asking you to pick her up at the local precinct because she got drunk and passed out in public, or got arrested for a DWI on her way home from a wild party.

5. She often goes out without you
She goes out to party several times a week–even if you are not available to go out with her. Simply put, she just loves to go out.

Do you really want to deal with the type of girl friend who makes poor choices while intoxicated every weekend and doesn’t have a solid handle on how to live as a responsible person.? If you can’t keep up with her lifestyle, it’s best to just pass the party girl up.

Sure, she may be fun when she’s tipsy, but as far as long-term prospects go, partying gets old–and eventually every party ends.

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