Devilish Son Murders Mum Then Cuts Her Heart Out

Omar-Malik-Pettigen (1)
Omar Pettigen

Omar Pettigen reportedly told police he murdered his mum, Nailah Pettigen, after an argument and sliced open her chest before removing her heart with his bare hands.

Omar, 31, was arrested five days after he murdered his own mother in cold blood. The incident happened in Fremont, California. He confessed that he masturbated after mutilating the body of his mother.

Mother, Nailah Pettigen

Officers were contacted after Nailah Pettigen’s ex-husband called police to check on his son and ex-wife after not hearing from them.

Police arrived at the Pettigen’s home and found Nailah, 64, dead and her body cut open. According to the Police, she “appeared to have been disemboweled”.

A post mortem showed that she had been cut from her neck to her cervix and had also been shot at least seven times.

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Omar had admitted arguing with his mother which led to her pulling a gun at him. He then used a hammer to disarm her after which he beat her mercilessly before shooting her in the back four times. Then, he sliced her body open and plucked her heart out before putting it back.

Omar said he murdered his mother because she was killing herself with an overdose of oxycodone, a drug that helped her relieve pain after she had surgery. Omar showed no remorse for his action as one detective reportedly wrote in his report that Omar said he felt ‘good’ after the act.

Omar has been charged with murder and is held in Police custody without bail.

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