Buhari should prosecute and jail corrupt persons – Edwin Clark

Chief Edwin Clark

Elder statesman and Ijaw leader, Chief Edwin Clark has declared his support for President Muhammadu Buhari’s war against corruption and terror.

Clark, who was a minister of information made the declaration while receiving members of the Think Nigeria First Initiative (TNFI) in Abuja.

While condemning the activities of the insurgent group, he said that “Boko Haram is a problem for all of us Nigerians and we must all fight it together.”

On corruption, Clark declared: “The government has the right to investigate, prosecute and jail corrupt people whether they are Ijaw, Hausa, Fulani or Igbos…corruption is a monster that must be fought.

“Politicians are mostly the most corrupt people in Nigeria. That is why every governor wants to become a senator so that he will continue to enjoy immunity from probe and prosecution for corrupt practices.”

He also implored the President to implement the good programmes initiated by the past administration.

“It is not everything done by your opponent that is bad. Select the good ones and implement them and ignore the bad ones”, he added.

The Ijaw leader used the occasion to declare his decision to cease further partisan political activities but rather stand up against any individual or group that try to take Nigeria for a ride from now on.

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“I no longer belong to any political party. I am no more in PDP and won’t move to APC. As I almost clock my 90th birthday, I will rather continue to advocate for better, peaceful and prosperous Nigeria and die gracefully on Nigerian soil.”

Clark nevertheless took a swipe at one of the former Nigerian leaders who served both in the military and democratic era, whom he alleged “was the most corrupt Nigerian” as one who “institutionalized, legitimized and legalized corrupt practices during his tenure.”

While thanking the Think Nigeria First Initiative for their courtesy visit, Clark declared his support and encouraged the initiative to keep thinking Nigeria first, ahead of any personal, ethnic or political sentiment.

In his remark, the Director General of the TNFI, Mr. Abubakr Tsani said the group was non-partisan, non-religious, non-ethnic support organisation for just causes.

He said it was conceived to midwife sincere channels of reconciling Nigerians and Nigerian State with a view to protecting strategic national values against inadvertent distortion of such values.


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