Bobby Shmurda Denied Bail For The Fourth Time, Trial Set For 2016

bobby shmurda

This will be the fourth time artist, Bobby Shmurda has been denied bail. The “Hot Boy” rapper legal trouble continues, he has lost another bid to receive bail ahead of his drug-dealing and weapons-possession trial.

Yesterday was supposed to be the start of Bobby Shmurda’s trial. But instead Judge James Burke Moved it to The 22nd Of Feb. Bobby’s been locked up since December of 2014.

Alex Spiro, Shmurda’s new lawyer (The third Laywer He’s Hired since being arrested) asked The Judge to allow the 21-year old to spend next four and half months at home But Nigel Farinha, Special Narcotics Prosecutor objected, saying their case against Bobby was stronger than ever, and that His financial resources and ties to
Florida make him a flight risk.

The judge agreed with Farinha, and Shmurda’s bail remains at $2 million. Shmurda faces up to 25 years in prison for conspiracy, reckless endangerment, and gun possession.


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