Man Spends Night With Prostitute, Goes Home to Catch Wife With Another Man

Look at how this husband and wife are deceiving eachother.

It was karma for a cheating husband who had spent the night at his prostitute girlfriend’s place, only to come home and catch his wife with another man.

The 31 year old man from Zimbabwe, identified as Mbuso Sithole, lied to his wife that he was attending the funeral of a close friend in another town only to visit the commercial sex worker he was dating and spent the night at her place.

His wife, Sgcebhe Moyo, was also making plans as she invited her own lover to come and keep her warm during the night. The bubble burst for both cheating partners when the man returned earlier than he should have, only to meet his wife in the arms of another man curled up in his bed.

The devastated Sithole was said to have tried to commit suicide by drinking a poisonous substance after the discovery, the timely intervention of his mother who is a nurse saved his life as she quickly gave him an antidote to the poison.

Sithole narrated to his family members that it was the pain of catching his wife with another man in his bed that drove him into wanting to commit suicide, but also blamed himself for lying to his wife that he was going to a funeral while he was actually with his girlfriend.

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He said as he walked home from his girlfriend’s house at about 5 am, he felt something was amiss when his wife took long to open the door.

“The next thing, the window opened and a half naked man whom I recognised as Ra, shot out and sprinted away before I could react.

“Yes, it’s true that I wanted to commit suicide as I drank rat poison. I’ve a girlfriend called Blessing Chiedza Banda and on Thursday, I told my wife that I was going to a funeral wake when actually I was going to sleep over at her place.

“I wanted to kill myself because I couldn’t imagine my wife having a boyfriend.”

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