Daredevil jokes with death as he jumps in front of a fast train (Video)

daredevil train
Watch this daredevil idiot playing with his life.

This footage shows exactly what you shouldn’t be doing when it comes to safety around train tracks.

The horrifying clip shows a man leaping in front of a train as it speeds past, clearing it with only seconds to go.

The man is filmed in the countryside in Poland, next to railway lines.

He takes a running jump and leaps over one set of tracks, and then crosses the next just as a train goes past.

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The train beeps but the jumper remains unharmed after the dangerous stunt.

The video was uploaded under the comment: “I know what you say. But still we did this very carefully. It was all planned and my colleague knew exactly when to jump, so please don’t try this at home.”

Watch the Clip:

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