Local fraudster dupes woman of N550,000 in Lagos


A middle-aged woman in Lagos, Philomena Ajih, allegedly lost the sum N550, 000 to a man, believed to be a member of some local fraudsters popularly called ‘Wash-Wash’ after they promised to double the money to an amazing N5 million in return.

Report says the suspect identified as Moses Okezie from Abia State, had approached her along the Ikotun-Igando road and tricked her into believing that he could assist her to become richer than she ever imagined, but that she had to provide N550,000 so that he would double it for her. Reality however dawned on her after she realized she had been duped and went to report the incident at the Igando Police Division.

Philomena disclosed that she fell victim and went to her bank, withdrew all the money she had in there and hurriedly took them to the scammer, hoping to get the N5 million in a couple of days.

After she paid the money, she began to wait endlessly for the N5 million Okezie promised her but instead of coming with the good news, he asked her to go and look for more money so it could be doubled to N10 million, even suggesting that she should borrow money from her relations and when she eventually gets the millions, she would refund the borrowed money and keep the rest.

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“It was an opportunity to get rich and overcome my financial challenges,” she noted, “I went to borrow N500, 000 from my brother to add to what I had already given to Okezie.

“My brother interrogated me. I initially refused to explain why I needed the money but after much pressure, I told my brother I needed the money to give Okezie to double it to N10 million for me in a few days.”

At that point, as the story goes, the brother raised an alarm and quickly contacted the police.

“Okezie’s arrest was made possible following my brother’s plan for me to play along, asking him to come for the money at the agreed spot. It was then the police laid ambush and arrested him,” the victim added.

At the police station, Okezie confessed that he was a fraudster who specialized in duping gullible victims.

As at press time, Okezie had no money to pay back.

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