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German Teen Finds $25,000 Gold Bar While Swimming in Lake (Photo)

Germany Gold

A German teenager swimming in Bavaria last week found a solid gold bar at the bottom of a lake and may get to keep it, local police said this afternoon.

The 16-year-old girl discovered the gold on Friday while swimming in Koenigssee where she was on holiday, a police spokesman said.

The 500g bar, which she found at a depth of two metres, is worth an estimated $25,000.

The girl turned it over to the authorities, who were working to determine its origin.

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Police divers scoured the lake floor for further valuables but did not find anything of note.

“If no rightful owner is found and the bar is not related to a crime, then the girl will probably be able to keep it,” the spokesman said.


[Lucky Girl, Hope she gets to keep it]

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