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Married policewoman caught having sex with lover in her car

couple having sex in the car

Look at the shame a married policewoman has brought to herself and family, because she wants to have fun outside her marriage.

A policewoman attached to the Lagos State Police Command has been demoted from the rank of a Sergeant to Corporal after an adulterous act.

According to The Eagle Online, the married woman, identified as Helen, was caught making love with her lover inside her personal car.

The mother of four and the man committed their escapade at the Ikeja Police College, Lagos, where she and thousands of other policemen and women went for the ‘Sergeant to Inspector’ mandatory promotion course.

A police source told the news site that the course was just for a month – June 24 to July 25.

It was gathered that the provost of the college, who had warned that nobody should be seen outside after ‘light out’ decided to carry out his usual security check around the College compound before turning in for the night.

He was, however, shocked when he noticed a car, with people inside.

As he drew closer, beaming his torchlight, the provost saw Helen and her partner stark naked, making love inside the car.

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He ordered the duo to come out and began interrogation.

Sensing public disgrace, the unidentified man fled the scene.

The source added: “Helen said the man was her lover and that the car belonged to her.

“Nobody knew how the man came into the College. The provost was patrolling in the night on July 17 when he discovered the policewoman and her lover in the car, having sex.

“The car was parked in the dining hall area of the College. They were brought out naked from the car.

“The man initially claimed to be a policeman until the provost asked for his identity card.

“He pretended to be searching for it and fled. The policewoman later confessed that the man was her lover, not a policeman.”

Shocked by the incident, Helen was demoted immediately and asked to report for further questioning.

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