Ndigbo Won’t Tolerate Marginalisation By Buhari Govt. – Victor Umeh

Chief Victor Umeh
Chief Victor Umeh

Former national chairman of All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), Chief Victor Umeh, on Monday, July 20, 2015, warned that if President Muhammadu Buhari goes on with his present style of leadership which clearly sidelined the Igbo, the tribe will have no choice than to fight for its right in Nigeria.

Umeh spoke in an interview after his thanks-giving service to mark end of his tenure as APGA national chairman, his 53rd birthday and Silver jubilee of his marriage, which ceremony attracted thousands of friends, party supporters and well-wishers to his home town, Aguluzigbo.

Umeh said that it was obvious that “in the scheme of things as they are today, we are not considered as we ought to be considered. I am not happy about that and may be, it is a journey only God will determine when we reach that promised land. I can tell you that I am not happy”.

He said that he was watching things unfold in Nigeria and only prays for life for the struggle to continue.

He also said that he would take a few weeks of rest and “come back to tell Nigerians that Ndigbo will not be taken for a ride”.

He added: “Ndigbo are important people in Nigeria not just because of their industry, their hard work, their resourcefulness but they are also a major ethnic group in Nigeria. No matter the circumstances, no matter the situation; nobody in Nigeria can take Ndigbo for a ride. It will not happen. We will continue that struggle even with the last breathe we have, particularly me.

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“I want President Buhari to know that Ndigbo are important people in Nigeria. I want him to reintegrate Ndigbo in Nigeria and close the grievances of the Civil War.

“I can never rest until our people get their respect and dignity and right restored, fully in Nigeria.”

Looking back at his tenure as APGA national chairman, Umeh said that he was happy that despite the turbulence that trailed it he was able to keep the party focused and within the attention of the Nigerian political class.

He also recounted the contribution APGA made in the judicial process of Nigeria which included tenure interpretation, and the fact that court has no jurisdiction in internal party matters.


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